Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How was the intermission?

My apologies, readers & colleagues.

My 10-day trip out West was a long-time coming. Got a lot of family and friends in California. Felt good to spend time with them. I'll be up front: it's hard thinking about work, blogs, and news when I'm trying to catch tadpoles with my 6-year-old daughter.

But back to work.

And don't think I was slacking. My crew has my back. We're talking about a timely subject that continues to impact the news business. So think of this entry as a marker. From this point on, expect more "plain talk" analysis of blogs and their place in this thing we call daily journalism.

Before I get to business, I've got to thank Maynard institute columnist and NABJ workshop panelist Richard Prince for holding things down while I was out. Truthfully, he's been sending me articles/columns pertinent to our discussion.

First up is this piece by Editor & Publisher writer Steve Yahn, who examines the legal liabilities facing newspapers using blogs to draw readers.

"There is a lag between newspaper publishers' rush to monetize blogs and at the same time making sure their ethics policies and internal editorial controls keep up with the rollout of new forms of technology and content," warned Seattle-based attorney Robert A. Blackstone, partner at the law firm of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP.

Then there's this little item about NPR's Daniel Schorr who told USAToday that blogs are "fascinating and scary."

"What is good about it is people will not be able to suppress the news because you can always have a blogger who gets the story out," Schorr said. "But what we have here is a medium in which there is no publisher, no editor, no anything. It's just you and a little machine and you can make history. I find that scary. Nobody should get into print or on
the air without some kind of editor. I have an institutional belief that nobody can be above having a good editor."

Question: Has there been any interesting stories about blogging and journalism that you've found helpful or interesting during the past two weeks?


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